Eclipse vs IntelliJ

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  1. Hi. I've just recently tested out IntelliJ as an IDE and it seems like it has a lot of potential (though I still have a lot to learn to get used to it). I have plans to switch to IntelliJ from Eclipse though I'm not yet sure. What are your opinions?
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard IntelliJ is better for more advanced devs while eclipse is good for novice ones.
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  3. I suppose so. IntelliJ has a lot of built-in features including support for git, sql, etc. However, the UI is far more complicated than eclipse by my standards.
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  4. The developer who told you that seems to have a superiority complex where he believes what IDE he uses is the best, and all developers who use anything else (Eclipse) are inferior.
    That's what I'm hearing from you, and with this you can understand how nonsense what you're saying is.

    It's a matter of opinion. Eclipse is much better in my opinion. I could never use IntelliJ. I do not like it. Half of the "features" it has are a pain and only work to slow me down and ruin my productivity.
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  5. Personally, I use both. They both are amazing at what you do.
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  6. As far as IDEs go: Visual Studio (if they ever add Java support...) > Eclipse > Netbeans > IntelliJ
    Do not underestimate Netbeans. It takes a bit of time getting used to, coming from Eclipse, but it is a good alternative if you're wanting to switch.
    Just personal preference though.
  7. I personally prefer IntelliJ, and could never go back to Eclipse. Then again, I also use PHPStorm and PyCharm. I am a huge fanboy :)
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  8. IntelliJ uber alles!

    Edit: PS: Eclipse is goddamn dinosaur...
  9. I like IntelliJ because I started with Visual Studio with the Resharper plugin. When I started coding in Java, I used Eclipse. Eclipse was fairly frustrating at first because it's features seemed less polished and made me do more work than I was used to doing. It wasn't just the work of learning, it was the work of simply doing more because some small aspects that I never really appreciated before were not present in Eclipse. I learned to deal with it because it seemed I had to.

    As my projects became bigger and more numerous, my frustrations grew. I was almost constantly going "I wish Eclipse did X like in Visual Studio". People had recommended IntelliJ and I half heatedly tried it out. I initially rejected it because it seemed like I could only work on a single project at a time which was a deal breaker for me. But after I started becoming extremely frustrated with Eclipse, I became desperate to find an alternative and when I really took the time to get to know IntelliJ, I found it did everything I wanted it to including multiple projects (known as modules). Of course, it didn't work exactly the way I wanted out of the box, but I spent a few days customizing it. Switching was a bit of an efficiency loss for a while because I still had to "unlearn" the habits I had developed from Eclipse. Fortunately, I'd been programming in VS for far longer than in Eclipse so it only took a few days to re-adjust.

    Basically for me, discovering IntelliJ was like returning home after being lost for a long time.
  10. This is a topic that really, really bothers me. It's part of the software engineering community to have stupidly obtuse opinions on topics that are entirely preferential. The "Which IDE should I use?" is one of those topics.

    The goal is: Read and write code in order to produce software.

    How you do that is entirely up to you. The only way that you can know if you prefer something is by trying it yourself for an extended period of time (specifically when talking about IDEs, that is). I don't really have a favourite myself and I've made it my business to know how to use them all effectively in case I'm ever actually forced to use one for whatever reason.

    That being said, tune out the noise and form your own opinion because anyone who states that one IDE is better than another is nothing more than an uninformed idiot.
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  11. latiku


    Preferably, IntelliJ although I've used both IDEs in the past and they are both amazing.
    It's personal preference, man. :)
  12. Notepad++ bitches.
    Come at me!
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  13. almost the two was good
    where you most comfortable , then thats the most amazing tool
  14. Prefer Eclipse, just because of Saros.
  15. Had been using Eclipse for about 2 years, and switched to IntelliJ almost a year ago. I had some problems with Eclipse (such as it being hard to get Git to work), but ever since I've switched to IntelliJ, there's been nothing to complain about. :D
  16. I haven't used intellij but eclipse has nothing wrong with it, and I feel like a java editor really can't get better than eclipse...
    Eclipse has the following massive advantages (not sure if intellij has them but whatever):

    1. It tells you when you have an error in your code, and gives you warnings too if something is unused, deprecated, etc.

    2. It provides as many ways possible to fix the error

    3. Eclipse makes it easy to import classes, and export projects into compressed jar files.

    4. You can scan your mouse over a statement and eclipse will sometimes give you a lot of information about it (only if its a native to the java language versus an enum from an API)

    5. Eclipse allows you to scan your mouse over variables and see where their source is

    So I highly recommend eclipse :D
  17. I, personally, prefer IntelliJ. I believe that Eclipse is great for programmers who are seeking an easy to use, user-friendly IDE. The audience for IntelliJ, I find, include programmers seeking a more powerful environment to write their programs in.
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