Spigot economicWorldGuard 0.1

The economicWorldGuard allows players to purchase land.

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    economicWorldGuard - The economicWorldGuard allows players to purchase land.

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  2. Thanks alot !

    Very good plugin for an economical server. But I have only a request, he could have in your configuration a line there to authorize to build that in a defined region and thus to forbid the construction on the rest of the map ! Is it possible ?

    Thanks in advance !
  3. And is it possible to have a command like:

    /renamechunk [NameOfChunk]
  4. If I'm understanding you right, you would like a function that allows you to specify a region within world guard so nobody can purchase land that is not within that region?
  5. And I sure can... :)
  6. Sorry,
    I don't speak English very well. I try to give some explication more clearly - just to authorize buy and sell in one or several regions defined by Worldguard or your plugin, like :

    ignoreRegions: []
    autorizedRegions: [Plot_1 (5 chunks to buy), Plot_6(20 chunks to buy)] If __Global__ : Build Deny with WorldGuard like exemple, then Plot_1 and Plot_6 can have sub Plot to buy or to sell. All others regions or chunks of map canno't be buy or sell !

    If autorizedRegions:[]
    then all can be buy or sell on the map except if ignoreRegions have a value !

    If it's possible, your plugin would been completed and especially functional 100% compared with the older plugins as AreaShop and PlotShop. I'm impatient to read you again, and thank you again for this plugin which I hope be going to evolve even more.

    It would be frankly great to rename régions or chunks !
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  7. Okay, thanks for the clarification and great suggestions! I will have them implimented ASAP.
  8. Do you always work on the project ?
  9. Only when I have the time. I hope to have a little more time to work on it over the weekend!
  10. Sorry but tried the plugin and sinseramente I lost once I bought the chunk, once bought the plugins does not say anything if you are inside or not of your region and it is something that would be good to implement
  11. This can already be done using WorldGuard's region flags. Example below.

    >region flag economicworldguard -w world greeting -g MEMBERS You have entered a chunk you own (Or that somebody has shared with you).
    >region flag economicworldguard -w world farewell -g members You have left your chunk.
  12. It does not work, do it your porfa configuring your plugins so that this comes out by itself, as it is possible that one must do it manually. It's an incomplete plugins

    Server: No region could be found with the name of 'economicworldguard'.
  13. Hello,

    Can you give a date to the new version ?