Spigot Economy Bank 1.16.4

[1.7.10 - 1.16.5] MySQL or FlatFile Economy Bank System using signs.

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    Economy Bank - [1.7.10 - 1.8.6] MySQL or FlatFile Economy Bank System using signs.

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    New Feature

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  3. From my review will my server just use this plugin over the essentials eco?
  4. yes, this plugin is intended to work with any economy system using vault, it can't work without an economy system, this plugin just adds an bank system to an existing economy system, so yes you use it with essentials eco
  5. Awesome plugin!
    Does Database is really needed?
  6. MySQL? no, you can use it without database, by default it saves the data on Flat File system
  7. Is it possible to disable Messages in the Chat? Because i have TitleManager and it shows my Balance in the Actionbar, but also in the Chat.
  8. :p, i'l add this option later on today or tomorrow
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  9. That would be awesome thanks alot!
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    New features

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  11. ok, done, to disable a chat message just set that chat message to '' in the config. Example balance: ''
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  12. Wow, that was quick! Amazing support.
  13. Is there away to convert the data of Bankcraft over to your Banking system?
  14. As i can see it may work without any changes, just try to set the plugin to connect on the same database as bankcraft, don't forge to set the table name as the table name used by bankcraft (i think it is bc_accounts), and please let me know if it works or not.
  15. Hey there, I like the way this is working for a bank plugin, however I'm wondering if I can make two requests for the future? First and foremost being that the ability to create a permission node that limit's a players bank would be awesome (so higher tier player = stores more money to prevent loss on death).

    Secondly, the ability to also have a command do deposit/withdraw specific amounts as well as check. This would have it's own set of permissions so that you can just have signs only if you'd like as well. Maybe even add a permission that forces players whom are using commands to need to be X blocks away from a bank sign.

    If you can include either of these it'd be greatly appreciated!

  16. Hi, i'l take a look on implementing permissions for bank limit and commands to do banking transactions, thanks for suggestions
  17. Add IVA (-% in transactions)

    IVA: 16%
    1000 in to bank - 160 (16% IVA)