Economy Plugins Help!

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  1. Hi can someone help me find a good economy plugins which is compatible to Spigot 1.7.10
    Well ..

    Im currently using essentials but I disabled it since the currency is $ and we want to use currency symbol as name like instead of $ we want to change it to 'Gold'

    10000 Golds or Golds: 10000

    Can anyone suggest a configurable updated economy plugin that can do such things?
    We have quests server and using $ as money in a medieval server destroys the game mechanics.

    Pls help.

  2. Essentials uses SYMBOLS not words.
    anyway, is FE configurable .. All i need is to change currency symbol to words. omg
  3. Do you want gold to be the actual currency?
  4. I want my Currency named to turn into Gold instead of $
    since its a medieval quest server .. Using $ is way destroying the game.
  5. wouldn't a physical item currency seem more fitting for an rpg server (just my opinion)
  6. like what?
    How do you manage that?

    Anyway im using FEconomy .. economy symbols all is I need..
    now using Golds as a name!
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  7. You can change the simbol of the economy from config of essentials ;)
  8. OMG how many idiots are going to posts here without reading the whole thread.
    Anyway if you doesnt know
    Essentials doesn't allowed strings (a-z) only symbols (☺☻♥♦♣ etcc..)

    That's why I made this thread.
  9. A little late but to use items as currency you can use a gold economy.