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  1. Hey,

    how do u manage a global economy ? Is there any economy plugin using mysql ? Or a bungeecord plugin using vault ?

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  2. its not working with factions :(
  3. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    Try installing Vault.
  4. i have, check the issue tracker, its a known bug
  5. Scrayos


    I use iConomy - Even though iConomy wasn't updated since April '12 in my opinion it's still the best economy plugin out there. - And of course it supports MySQL.
  6. iconomy 6.x mysql ? there is still a open ticket reqeust for it, or do u use the 7.0 dev ?
  7. Scrayos


    I use the newest one. The April-Fools-Version - So it's may 7.0 :D