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  1. Basically, I noticed WorldGuard has no configuration to remove the particles and remove the delayed messages, and change it back to the old "You don't have permission for this area.". I do not like the new format, particles, and the delay between messages. I would use 5.9, but it does not work on updated versions of Minecraft. Basically, I'm asking if there is a way to configure this that I'm somehow missing.
  2. You can edit using the deny-message flag but otherwise you will need to use the source code and find where the messages are located.
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  3. Okay, how may I decompile/compile the code so I can find where the messages are?
    That flag changes ALL of the messages to the same one. I want to configure each one myself.
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  4. I have no idea. You will probably need to hire a developer to use the source code (it is open source) and edit them. I think the messages are scattered and hard to find.
  5. Why.... Why can't they just let me configure what goes on my own server?
    Anyways, I opened up an enhancement ticket on their tracker, hopefully they listen.
  6. WAS


    Because you're using their plugins? If I'm not mistaken this is a NMS change that had to be implemented this way.
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  7. But I should still be able to configure a message. Doesn't matter whose plugin it is, I should be able to choose how things are on my own server I'm paying for.
  8. They don't care. It's to know if you use their plugin or not. If you don't like it then don't use it. :/
    Just hire a dev to do it.
  9. Alright. Never said I didn't like WorldGuard, it just needs a configuration. I see this as essential for all plugins.
    I'm going to go ahead and stop replying to this, since while I should be able to control what's installed on my server, complaining about it here isn't going to do anything.
  10. Check out ChatControl's (by @kangarko ) packet feature, you can change other plugins messages, and this DOES work with WorldGuard.
  11. I'll have to take a look. I've seen multiple plugins named ChatControl in the past, might you link me to the correct one?
  12. Just click my name and then Resources on my profile. Here the link.
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