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    Edit Mobs [Haloween Sale 50% OFF] - Every time a mob spawns, do you want it to have a name, pot effects, cancel the spawn & MORE? Click!

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  2. This seem's like a very nice plugin, but I was wondering, when you block mob spawning is it possible to still allow mob spawning via. other plugins and spawners?
  3. A suggestion, maybe spawn with a player hat or any other hat plugin
  4. Hmmmm, good idea, maybe I'll add that :D if you mean regular heads, just go ahead and put it on the armor slot for helmet ;)
  5. Alright, that would be nice :)
  6. If you buy the plugin, I should be updating it soon where you can turn off spawning such as, turn off natural spawning, but turn on spawner spawning etc if that helps ;)
  7. What could happen if i put the plugin on my plugins list, all the mobs gets the change, but then if remove the plugin, all mobs will spawn normal as always?
  8. Of course! When the plugin gets removed, it won't be able to run! Making it so it can't cause the changes! You have nothing to worry about :)

    NOTE: I would of had an update today but halloween made me a little busy, if lucky you will see an update late tonight (Or early depending on your time zone) or tommorow asap! Sorry guys D:
    The update contains editing the spawning, such as, turn on mobs spawning by spawners but turn off natural spawning etc
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    Spawning Modifications and BUG Fixes!

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  10. I just made the update for you :) Check the update logs for this, I did exactlly as you asked! You can now turn on like mob spawning and mob eggs, turn off natural spawning and more things :)
  11. Thanks a lot man!! I'll for sure buy it now! :D
  12. winjw7 updated Edit Mobs [Haloween Sale 50% OFF ~ Ends on Monday] with a new update entry:

    Mob Griefing Toggle and Bug Fix

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  13. Ok I see the error now, thanks for pointing it out... to set armour just do /editmobs and if the entity can put on armor IE: Zombie / Skeleton / Zombie Pigman / Wither Skeleton then just click the diamond chestplate, put the armor in the slots and click save at the bottem... fixing the error now :)
  14. I would recommend updating the plugin and I'll fix the error now
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  15. spigot 1.8.8
  16. Hmmm... That's weird... I'm not getting that spawn mob error... I'll keep looking though! Make sure to update the plugin the the latest please :)