Premium Edit Mobs | 1.8 - 1.16 [Paid]

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  1. Can you add language files for plugin?I don't use English in my country.
  2. Yeah I can do that
  3. Are you still working?
  4. Haven't had much time with school started and other projects, but yes it is in production still, sorry for the inconvenience
  5. Can you add CrackShot support? I would like some mobs, like zombies, to use those weapons
  6. Would be fairly complicated to implement that as I would have to make them be able to aim, know when to shoot, reload etc, essentially just recreating the plugin for other entities. I'll consider implementing it maybe if I have a lot of down time and finish up other things first
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  7. Is there any chance in adding an option for the mob drops to be only dropped when a player has killed them and then have another option for natural drops?
  8. I really like this idea, should be able to implement this in the next update
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  9. Is also any chance in adding a way to copy and paste a already crated mob so then you can just change a few things about it etc? Could do this via middle clicking one.
  10. Sure :) I don't think i can check for a middle click but can implement it regardless
  11. I'm using the latest version on Paper Spigot 1.14.4, some of the mobs options mainly the drops get reset and they don't drop anything at all? It's happened a few times now, it's kind of annoying.
  12. The issue may be because your using paper spigot... That's tend to be an issue in the past however didn't know for Edit Mobs 3.0 ... May be able to send you a custom paper spigot file this weekend if you can send me a pm with your discord
  13. Ah okay yeah I should add that in my signature actually. :')
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  14. Hi there, when will come IA for Giants?
  15. Maybe this weekend or next week. Finally have free time now that my soccer season has ended.
  16. Hi there, when will come IA for Giants? x2
  17. Just want to confirm before buying, is it posible to change mob atributes such as movement speed and jump hight/length? (jump hieght of spiders for example). I've been trying to find youtube examples of this plugin but can't seem to find any
  18. You could apply potion effects such as jump boost and speed thru the plugin to achieve this if that works?

    What mc version is your server running currently
  19. is this plugin increase my server tps? ~~"
  20. Probably wouldn't increase it by any means unless you turn off certain mob spawns