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  1. is there an attributes list?
  2. Any type of tutorial would be very appreciated! :)
  3. I'll see if I can get around to making one! If you have any specific questions let me know!
  4. 1.14.2
  5. Hi there, can you add option to disable vainilla drops?
  6. would it be possible, that you add the "friendly" mobs too?
    i would like to change the AI from squigs to aggressive, or like they react like pigzombies. same by cats ;)
    i think, cause you can change the AI from giants, it also possible for the friendly mobs. an for me, all be mobs :)

    agressive chickens and cows? awesome :D

    and: could you create new AI or only change it?
    cause, it would be nice if a cow or pig would attack as a shortly bite nearest people or other animals, they stand to long to near of them, but be peacefull after attack if i go away. that would be very realistic :) so animals need more place in farms :)
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  7. I want to use it, but as it is updated to 3.0, I don't know how to use it in 1.14.4. Setting does not apply to the game. Do you have a well explained YouTube?
  8. yes
    I'll see what I can do
    I can make a video on it when I get home

    OVERALL: Sorry about the slow updates, been doing a lot of work for senior year of school and college preparation, as well with holidays it has been hectic. Just got a new laptop however so updates should be easier to do.
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  9. thanks.
    When you make VIDEO, can you give me some message?.
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  10. winjw7 updated Edit Mobs with a new update entry:

    1.15 Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Hi there, when will come IA for giants?
  12. Don't worry I haven't forgotten, didn't know if 1.16 was going to be released soon or not.
  13. With this plugin can I create custom spawners that I can sell to all users as if they were normal game spawners?
  14. With the next update yes.
  15. I bought this resource a long time ago and its quite different now, i think ive kinda got the general idea down but if there could even be a wiki or a small video on the attributes and how to fully utilize the features now, that would be great. I've also noticed the talk of custom spawners, any idea how that's going? @winjw7
  16. Yeah; 3.0 was completely recoded, I think it should be easier now in the long run for making edits and such... I can try to setup a wiki of sorts and spawners should be done this week as I have off
  17. Hey, does this fully work on 1.15+? I've edited the bat drops to start with and everything looks fine, but when i spawn one from a spawn egg and kill it even with looting 3 i always get no drops, no exp, etc. This is what I've got, am I missing something?
  18. You didn't set up the spawn conditions, I can see right away that the spawn chance is 0
  19. Hey, do this work with
    Boss™? another
    Custom Monsters..