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  1. Hey, how the drops manager works? It will give you an always 1 item if that's set? Or those numbers in drop editor are the % chances for drops ?
  2. % chance of that item dropping, and then you also how much of that item can spawn for another chance with no looting, and each looting 1-3. Example 50% of happening overall, and then non looting 1-3 drops. Hopefully that clears things up?

    Someone pointed out the audio gltich to me before, I'll see what I can do
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  3. Not working for me... Edited drops, set custom name, set attribute "Override all" and still nothing customized. Spawns are still same.

    Running Paper Spigot
  4. Should've read the logs before buying it, not compatible for paper, big unfortunate. My fault, if it ever is compatible I'll download it then I guess
  5. Its not compatible on paper. Unfortunetly. Same problem.
  6. Happens to be the next thing im working on when I'm done juggling obligatory contracts, work at a local place, college, and sleep. I'm slowly losing my mind over how little free time i have right now I hate it.
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  7. Hi, how can i refund this plugin? It does not world on my server.