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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by winjw7, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. winjw7 updated Edit Mobs with a new update entry:

    Important Update!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. 2.6.0 Seems to finally be working for me.
  3. Hi there, does this plugin have looting fixed? And hostile giants?
  4. Awesome! Sorry for the previous inconvenience!
    This weekend
  5. Friend... Will come update?
  6. Had sports all day long this weekend, was able to find the issues and such but not start coding yet
  7. Hi there friend, When will come new update?
    Passive mobs are still droping cooked meat...
    I guess I did not pay only for wait and wait :/
    and you only say "sports... this weekend... sports... this weekend"
  8. Ik im sorry, I have had sports every weekend and working hard for a scholarship, there will be an update soon i promise but today is Christmas for me so idk about today
  9. Hi there, custom life and damage doesnt works in 1.13.2 friend...
    Aprox when will come new update?
  10. I get home from family and vacation tomorrow night
  11. Hi there, when will come new update friend?
  12. Finished AdvDropParty Update yesterday and plan on a Edit Mobs update today
  13. Hi there friend... When will come new update?
    Update will have hostile giants?
  14. I can't keep making promises on dates, but trust me, it will come... just give me some time please
  15. does this have the ability to allow mobs like skeletons/zombies to spawn during the day and not burn?
  16. I believe so, I would need to double check, if not u could add fire resistance under potions
  17. fire resistance wouldn't work i don't believe as that would negate fire swords/arrows.
  18. Hi there... When will come update?
  19. Gotcha, haven't had a chance to check my code yet been busy, will def get back to you soon

    @Florenthz this weekend :p
  20. Do you promisse?

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