Editing Essentials

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by NickMD, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. I know how to decompile a plugin, it's just I don't know how to add to a .java file. So if I wanted to edit on one file like the CommandTp.java for example, do I click "new project" on eclipse or do I just open that file with notepad++ and drag in the new one into essentials jar
  2. Essentials is open source and on github. Either the original or the spigot fork. Just clone it, add what you want and build it from source.
  3. Thanks I forgot about that! But one question for the stuff that isn't open source how will I do it?
  4. Things get a bit messier especially with big projects like essentials (if it were closed source) for example like collecting all of the dependencies yourself to rebuild the project. You could decompile it and put it into a new project in eclipse if you'd like but also make sure that you are allowed to do so. Check the license for the project you are decompiling. Maven or Gradle can be used to define some pretty complex build procedures that you might find hard to reproduce when you are working backwards with collecting the dependencies being just the beginning. Then when you have changed the source to your liking you would recompile or rebuild from the source.
  5. You wouldnt want to decompile it as it would take fucking ages to make it working src and make it working i recomend buying a coder to code you something like it or find something on spigot like SpigotEssentials or something