Spigot EffectArmor 1.0.0

Add PotionEffects to your Armor

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    EffectArmor - Add PotionEffects to your Armor

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  2. can you make it so not every item has that kind of armor. Instead make unique potion armors? =)
  3. You can apply effects two one single piece of armor by command. Or do you mean soemthing else by that?
  4. Sort of. I wanted you to create a command that could give you a unique id to an item that has potion effects on any piece of armor specified and be able to save it into a kit. Because if I used essentials KitAdder and created the armor, I don't think your plugin would save it to the essentials kit config.yml
  5. The effects are saved in the lore of an item. If Essentials saves the lore to a kit, you can use it ;)
  6. Ahhhh I see... cool... >;) maybe Ill make it a exclusive kit that donors cant even pay for, but kill mobs for them.
  7. I'm a little confused. Can you only add effects to armor or can you add effects to anything from the materials list? I would love to put some of those effects on swords and bows!
  8. If you currently add effects to Materials, that aren't armor, you have to use /hat or anything else to get them into your armor-slots.
    "Holding" items for effects isn't supported yet, but is planned!
  9. Is there a way to increase the duration on the effects?
  10. No, as the armor refreshs them all 8 seconds.
  11. Thanks! This is just the plugin I was looking for!!!
  12. Awesome looking plugin, but, what version is it for...?
  13. The plugin was created with 1.7, but should be working for any later version.
  14. Overall a great plugin, but my problem is, if I wear a Diamond Chestplate or Leather Boots, I always get their pre-determined effect in the Effects Config, if I delete them out of the config, it won't save and it resets to the pre-determined effects (ABSORPTION, REGENERATION)
  15. I’d love an update for 1.15.2.
  16. Hey can i ask you if this will lag my server, bc the previous custom enchants i used i was rly lagging my timings and with 200 ppl online it was nerly going to crash! I would rly be pleased if i get your response!