Effectively splitting resource usage

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  1. I've been theorizing and working on this new server build for a few weeks now. I mostly tear it down every weekend and start over as I make new realizations. I've been hosting on and off since hmod.

    I recently gained access to a 48GB machine on a fast line with a half decent processor but it's a bit low on cores. I'm starting off with vanilla and working my way from there. Right now I have 4 or 5 different servers as I was basing it on world type but I'm beginning to think this is a poor use of processing resources as I don't expect higher than 50 player count. I like the idea of keeping things modular should I have to move say the vanilla world off or the games world off.

    I've decided to use overviewer for maps because it's lighter on resources at intervals with cron rather than dynmap. Spigot bungee works great and I've properly secured the machine. I'm pretty good about keeping performance in check across plugins so don't let that affect your opinion.

    Instead of splitting worlds across multiple servers, it may make more sense to split across server types.

    So something like this:

    • Bungee Proxy
      • 1GB
    • Lobby 2GB or less? spigot 1.9+
    • Vanilla 16 GB spigot 1.9+ (may as well)
      • Survival griefprevention
      • Hardcore griefprevention
      • Creative plotsquared
    • Games 8GB spigot 1.9
      • skyblock
      • prison
      • factions
      • etc
    • Tekkit? I'm out of my realm with other types of servers please make recommendations.Please provide links to examples or where to start if you can help.