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  1. Hey guys. BEcause author is inactive, plugin too i decided to ask here. Do you know how to fix this error:
    [13:08:58 WARN]: java.sql.SQLException: [SQLITE_CONSTRAINT] Abort due to constraint violation (PRIMARY KEY must be unique)
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at org.sqlite.DB.newSQLException(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at org.sqlite.DB.newSQLException(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at org.sqlite.DB.execute(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at org.sqlite.DB.executeUpdate(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at org.sqlite.PrepStmt.executeUpdate(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at es.minetsii.languages.utils.EbeanManager.newDataPlayerInstance(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at es.minetsii.languages.utils.EbeanManager.getDataPlayer(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at$register$4(
    [13:08:58 WARN]: at
    Its only in my eggwars server. Thanks
    This is timmings log:
  2. And is there any other plugin for eggwars(without pro eggwars) necausethis is lagging at more that 150 players. Or i have to order custom eggwars :S
  3. You'll want a custom plugin for that. Sort of the same reason why hcf is only good custom