Spigot eGlow | 1.9.4-1.17.1 | Glow | Cosmetic | Respects EULA | MySQL 1.9.4-1.17.1 V3.1.0

Add a (colored/animated) glow outline to players!

  1. MrGraycat updated eGlow | 1.9.4-1.16.5 | Glow | Cosmetic | Respects EULA | MySQL with a new update entry:

    Update 1.9.4-1.17 V3.0.8

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  2. Thank you for updating this plugin :giggle:
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  3. Thanks, Just wanted to mention that updating to a newer MC version usually doesn't take this long.
    However in Spigot 1.17 they changes most NMS related stuff causing most of the code to be updated which took some time.
    (Just some info as I noticed you tried using SimpleGlow in the maintime)
  4. Yeah I've hopped back to EGlow now, turns out SimpleGlow works initially then starts being nonresponsive for my players. We've been using eGlow for the past year so happy to continue using it. :)
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  5. will you ever be adding 1.8 support?
  6. No because Minecraft didn't implement glowing untill 1.9.4
    Basically eGlow supports all version that support glowing.

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow
  7. hey, after updating to the latest paper, TAB & eglow versions the connection is refused with this error

    Code (Text):
    [09:43:06 INFO]: ern lost connection: Internal Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "String.equals(Object)" because the return value of "me.MrGraycat.eGlow.Addon.TAB.EGlowTAB.getPlayerTeam(org.bukkit.entity.Player)" is null
    [09:43:06 INFO]: ern left the game
    ver tab
    [09:44:32 INFO]: TAB version 2.9.1
    [09:44:32 INFO]: An all-in-one solution that works
    [09:44:32 INFO]: Website: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/57806/
    [09:44:32 INFO]: Author: NEZNAMY
    ver eglow
    [09:45:55 INFO]: eGlow version 3.0.8
    [09:45:55 INFO]: Adds a static/animated glow outline to players.
    [09:45:55 INFO]: Author: MrGraycat
  8. Hello

    This issue has been resolved in the prerelease of eGlow here's a link: Download
    This update is planned combined with the 1.17.1 release in case that would require an update.

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow
  9. with eglow i cant connect to my server

  10. Hello

    Seems like this is an error from the packet modifier this mean that there is something sending team packets without players in it.
    Guess I'll have to add a check for it

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow
  11. Hello

    I've fixed this NPE here's a link to the prerelease: Download

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow
  12. Hey dev,

    Villager NPCs seem to only glow white no matter what color I set. Is this a Minecraft-related limitation?

  13. Hello,

    I'm assuming you're using CItizens? eGlow is able to use Citizens code to set the npc's glowing color.
    so basically all npc's should be able to have a glow color if Citizens supports it. eGlow however is only made to work on player.
    I also noticed that in one of the newer version it doesn't update properly so could you check if it still works fine on a player NPC?

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow
  14. Hi dev,

    Player NPCs glow correctly. Unfortunately I have no need for Player NPCs, only villagers

    I did some googling and found this ticket regarding the issue.

  15. Well a citizens limitation then basically like eGlow it only supports players.
    I thought making this work for mobs was possible just works a lot different

    Mr.Graycat developer of eGlow
  16. With eGlow installed, it seems to be leaving these invisible armour stands behind when a player who is glowing is moving around. Relogging does fix the issue and it is only a visual glitch, but they are starting to appear everywhere. https://imgur.com/yGd8mEz
  17. Hello

    Try updating TAB

    MrGraycat developer of eGlow