Spigot Elevators+ 2.1.1

The realistic elevators on your spigot server

  1. Just disable kick for the fly :/
    It's useless.. If you want prevent flying, you should to use the good anti-cheat solution.
    My elevators movement based on gravity disabling and setup the velocity (vector) for all passengers, and nothing more.
    This features is Bukkit, come on, if your server blocks this 'flying', it's bad and sorry, but it is your problem. I can't help with it.
  2. I don't know the reason for the second typed cases, sorry. I need more information about it, may be some actions sequence...
  3. So, if you are from Russia or speak on Russian language, you can write me in the VKontakte and we solve your problem more faster :)

    I think that you really from Russia, because I have seen your configuration with Russian words in this thread.
  4. SoKnight updated Elevators+ with a new update entry:

    Fixed bugs

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. how do i make an elevator? you have no guides :(
  6. Guide and wiki will be in the future, but currently I haven't a free time for it.
  7. ok, sounds kinda dumb but ok.
    Surely the plugin isnt so complex its more than a couple of commands? and why post the plugin without telling people how to use it?
  8. Hi.
    Can you help and tell what I should to do? Ofcourse please make a guide, because i dont know how to set a elevator correctly.

    And how to create an plaftorm?

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  9. You solved the problem? I had the same trouble
  10. it keeps going up and dont stop until it deletes himself
  11. Awesome plugin, but I got a bug that the elevator can't stop, now I can't walk or jump. Sqlite works fine but can't use mysql, and I am sure that my settings are all correct.
  12. Game version 1.16.4 with openjdk 11
  13. Plugin still unsupported now, I am sorry, you can find an analog for this plugin.
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  14. This plugin is awesome and I'll wait for the new update
  15. Hey, I'm playing in an SMP with my friends and we actually want the permission to use the elevators but not having op.
    My friend just tried to add any permission for the plugin with LuckPerms Editor (yes, he applied it, reloaded it and everything).

    Can someone tell me the permission to use it please?