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  1. BourneDev updated Challenges - A new missions system. with a new update entry:

    Added a bunch of new things and I fixed some bugs.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. :O

    so awesome.

    Thank you - I just got back online, I have yet to find time to test it. But we will certainly do so :)
  3. Okay :)
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  4. Looks like 1.13 has released in the "Supported Versions" check box, so I assume it's good now. I'll be adding 1.13 support for this plugin today. (md_5's announcement was edited today as well)

    I've never used 1.13 before so hopefully you can test it when the update comes out to confirm that it works with this version.
  5. No problem.
  6. I'll tell you if I find problems. :)
  7. got an issue with the challenges. stats from old challenges are carrying over to the new challenges, which i really dont want
  8. Okay, ill look into it.
  9. How come it says challenges 1.0 not 1.4?
    And the challenges havent reset, all the data is still there.
  10. You got the latest update?
  11. yes. we downloaded it from spigot when it came out, stopped our server, deleted the old one, put the new one in, and even removed all the old data from the folder before restarting the server. also having errors come up. stats are carrying over, sticks crafted arent being counted,
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  12. Send the errors.
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  13. Once you add gangsplus support please add placeholders like %gang% %gang_level%
  14. When will there be a fix? Players cant do challenges cause the challenges dont reset..
  15. When I have time :). In a couple days or so.
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