Spigot EmailAuth [+ API] 1.0.1

Email authentication for your players

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    EmailAuth - Email authentication for your players

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  2. If it only works "how it should" with gmail, then this plugin is a no no for me.
    Does it support html formatted emails?
  3. It doesn't mean that it only works with Gmail, it's just recommended.
    Yes, you can edit the mail.html file.
  4. Can you add an recover command?
  5. What exactly should it do?
  6. Send an email to the registered email and with an code to recover, if you were to lose you account!
  7. So... The email or the minecraft account? But how would a code be useful in both cases?
  8. The email of the player registered with when they first joined, is it possible to get the email from a Minecraft acount?
    And if I were to lose my account I would be sad and that I could play on my favorite server anymore!
  9. There's nothing the plugin could do if you lose your accounts.
    That's up to Mojang or your email provider.
  10. I mean your INGAME account, not your MC account
    The email you registered with!!!
  11. Well. It's pretty much impossible to lose the account you authenticate. (If you meant that, it's not very obvious if you just say "account")
  12. can you add a hook for Xenforo based Websites plz
  13. Great plugin, what would make it perfect would be to add MySQL support.
  14. @TheEpicFish
    Yes, you are, which is exactly why I'm providing an alternative, ad-free, download on the page you get redirected to. It's even explained on there (which you obviously did not read).
    I'm also not quite sure what you consider 'much', but adfly revenue is certainly not comparable to what I get from some generous donations or even what you'd get paid developing software professionally.
    I've been doing (plugin) development for quite a long time, for fun, in my free time, for free and I'm asking for absolutely nothing.
    (As explained on the download page) stuff like adfly, or ads in general, are the easiest way to support whoever uses them.

    Also, how did you even end up reviewing this plugin? I expected something like 'doesn't work on 1.10' when getting the notification :p It's been updated over a year ago, there are like 80 other plugins updated more recently.
  15. Hi this plugin is wonderful, thank you very much!

    Would it be possible to change the "/register" command to maybe "/emailreg" as I have another auth plugin that could conflict?

    Thank you!
  16. Is it work on minecraft 1.12.2?
    I very want it on 1.12.2!