Spigot Emergency Camp 1.2

Surivival, Spigot, 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.1

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    Emergency Camp - Surivival, Spigot, 1.15.2

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  3. Hey! Neat Plugin. Would it be possible to add a Custom Lore aswell?
  4. Thanks for you Idea, i will add it in the next Update.
  5. It doesnt generate with the Camp-Name Value -- paper 133 - 1.15.2
  6. What does not generate?
  7. + Added Name Configuration in Config.yml
  8. did you downloaded the latest version? did you write in lowercase "camp-name"?
  9. sry you have to write: camp-name: '&4Name'
  10. Emergency Camp should check for Build Permissions from World Guard, right now you can place it everywhere
  11. 1. You could add crafting config, and permission to craft it
    2. When plugin is on server every block placing sound is replaced with placing anvil (?) dont know why
  12. 1. Thanks for your Idea i will do it soon :)
    2. This is already fixed, make sure you downloaded the newest version
  13. Ok i programmed this, i will release this Update soon.