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  1. Hello, I will be direct.
    I have a server with 500 players online in my country.

    But every 5 ~ 10 minutes, it shuts down and gives me this error. Can you help me?

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    Same issue here. Could you list me your plugins?

    I think it's metrics that is offline, or any other auto-updating plugin.
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    WorldBorder, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, Backup, Vault, PEX, PlayerHeads, Worldguard, AutoMessage, CombatLog, ChestShop, ClearLag, Essentials, Citizens and ScoreboardStats are identical to my server.

    Assuming that any major server is not offline, these might be the problem:

    Backup, AutoMessage, ComcatLog, Citizens, ScoreBoardstats...
  4. but the error is caused by plugins then?
    Backup, AutoMessage, ComcatLog, Citizens, ScoreBoardstats...

    Yes, my server is OFFLINE
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    Yeah something doing metrics on the main thread, gonna have to try disabling plugins till you find which one.
  6. Will do.
    I'll be back as soon as you have something more.

    Thanks, you guys are very helpful
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    Been on some servers to test it out.

    What not seems to be the issue: WorldBorder, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, Vault, PEX, WorldGuard, Automessage, ClearLag, Essentials, Citizens, ScoreboardStats, PlayerHeads, CombatLog

    So, what COULD be the issue: Backup, ChestShop...
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    Wait a second... Aren't you the guy that owns craftlandia?
  9. ...... I am not the owner does not.

    But because the question?
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    Do you work for that server in any way? Just curious, I remember your name...
  11. no, I have no relationship with craftlandia. ;)
  12. Code (Text):
    08:36:25 CONSOLE: [SEVERE] me.mcluke300.playerlogger.MetricsLite.postPlugin(MetricsLite.java:259)
    08:36:25 CONSOLE: [SEVERE] me.mcluke300.playerlogger.MetricsLite.access$4(MetricsLite.java:225)
    08:36:25 CONSOLE: [SEVERE] me.mcluke300.playerlogger.MetricsLite$1.run(MetricsLite.java:143)
    playerlogger has some problems with metrics...
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    Issues here with ItemRenamer and MasterPromote too. Looks like it are just "some" plugins that are based on it.
  14. I tested with some players taking advantage of this offline and will install the panel multicraft.

    I thank all the help, I'll check later if removing playerlogger I solve this problem.