Spigot Emotions with effects! 1.0

Never been so full of feelings | Won't know until you try

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    Emotions with effects! - Never been so full of feelings | Won't know until you try

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  2. WAS


    Was literally just thinking of this!. Maybe add some screenshots? Going to give it a try.
  3. Already added some screenshot, would love if a kind soul makes a video about it would make it so much easier for me! if you have any emotion suggestions please let me know. this plugin wont go outdated like the rest.
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  4. I'll try to get one for you tomorrow <3
    I have a few suggestions however:
    Maybe add sounds? (1.9+ preferred)
    Maybe add a GUI for selecting what emotion you want to do?
    Does this work on other players as well like if you did /kiss <player> what would happen to the player you did it too?
  5. This plugin was made for fun for my server which is on 1.8 but I can try to get some sounds from 1.8 on the next updae if people wants it.
    I could try to add a gui but I don't know how that would work because all of the commands are depended on players meaning all of the commands are

    /kiss <player name>

    so I'm not sure how I can make the player type in the other persons name in the gui.

    and typing in /kiss <player name> would broadcast that you have missed them to the whole server and do a particle effect on both of you.