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Accepted Enable Entity Activation Range for Ghasts and Withers

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by vemacs, May 3, 2013.

  1. vemacs


    1. They do induce a lot of lag (especially withers), and would benefit from EAR.

    2. Not much difference is made if they're ticked less, as gravity is not applied to them, and their player activation range is somewhat low.

    3. Why not?
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  2. As discussed on IRC
    Withers are a rare spawn that will rarely ever be "just hanging out" farther than its aggro distance on a player.
    There is no gain for adding this. If a player customizes their server to have tons of idle withers, they should do something specific to their server to accomodate for that.

    We should not be putting any risk into modifying the vanilla behavior of a boss mob.

    Ghast have a really far aggro range, which I learned when doing tracking ranges. It is not safe to apply EAR to them or you will likely impact gameplay and severely nerf ghasts.

    Theres not enough ghast spawns in a world unless you, again, do something custom for your server, to make it worth it.

    Stuff in spigot should be generic to ALL users for the most part, and not specific features that are targetted for specific servers. so these 2 suggestions really dont have much place.

    I see md_5 marked it as accepted, so its really up to him if he wants to do the work... but I strongly disapprove of adding it.