Enable EssentialsX Cooldowns For OPs

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  1. I run a small SMP server for a few friends, and I would like to enable cooldowns for myself while keeping my operator role if it is at all possible.
  2. If you are using a permission plugin, add this to your group or your user.

    Code (Text):
    - -essentials.commandcooldowns.bypass
    Hopefully, that’s what you mean.
  3. This does not work. I am using PermissionsEx by the way.

    Code (Text):
          default: false
          prefix: '&c'
        - '*'
        - essentials.silentquit
        - sv.joinvanished
        - sv.keepfly
        - sv.see
        - -essentials.commandcooldowns.bypass
  4. Remove the premission "essentials.commandcooldowns.bypass" and that should disable cooldowns for owners
  5. He means the opposite I believe. He wants to have the cooldowns, not negate them.

    As far as I could tell, it does not look like there is a way in the config to have this. You could de-op yourself then give yourself the additional permissions you need if you want to go that route.
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  6. That was my original idea; I just thought there could be an easier workaround. Thanks for all the help.
  7. Oh
  8. Strahan


    This. I never played as OP when I had my server anyway, as it's a security risk.
  9. Adding the “-“ at the front will make it so he doesn’t have perms, I use PEX so I don’t know if all permission plugins can do this.

    This will give him permission:

    And this will remove the perm:

    This is a new feature that is only in EssentialsX so make sure you are using that.

    More perms since it didn’t help anyway:


    Just remember it’s “- -test.perm”, add all and if this doesn’t work just drop and reop yourself when you need to to.

    You can also give yourself these perms so once you have deopped yourself you can /op yourself in game.