Premium **ENABLED** NewItems [1.9-1.13.2] - Create items/blocks with custom texture/3Dmodel - WITHOUT...

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  1. Hi,

    i try to buy it but i can't see the button for it. :(
  2. how to disabled custom damage ? i want using normal damage i mean the original damage that sword
  3. i cannot buy this i tried to buy it but i cant i click "buy" and it doesnt go to a billing page for me to pay so i am really confused on how to do this
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  4. Is there any news on when this will be purchasable again?
  5. it is realy sad that the developer don't respond to this :(
  6. Checking his page, he said it could be a few weeks. You can check for yourself. I'm sure it'll be buyable again soon if at least $120 can be made on it right here right now :)
  7. You can now buy it guys :)
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  8. Hello, players found a bug - marry Ruby and right with him place on wooden planks and gives them jobs money - can you work builder - a plugin for jobs I was reborn jobs would somehow fix it?
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  9. it work not for me upload_2017-3-8_8-25-40.png look
  10. Very impressive you managed to do this. I'm guessing something to do with nbt tags? Anyway, I would like to ask whats with that massive price? That has to be the most expensive plugin I've seen.
  11. Piracy is never a good thing
  12. Contact the author via pm.
    Click this .
    He won't answer if you're using a Pirated Version, and i think you do...
  13. Why can't I use it? I have installed a plug-in, but I have no command in the game
  14. Can I get ID of the item from these? Or make new weapon with animations/explode/shot?
  15. Hi there, I am considering getting this plugin, but I have a question.

    I 100% understand if it requires players getting a custom resource pack, but since I already have my own custom resource pack will it MERGE with my back, or OVERRIDE it entirely?
  16. Hi, I have already this plugin and when I have my own Texturepack, newitems just add one more to the list of texturepacks. So it will propably work for you.
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    Will you add for 1.8 ?