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  1. can you delete /ni test ??
  2. I disabled it in latest update, you won't get any item using the command
  3. some bug

    Ni item cannot be stacked
    can fix?
  4. Items can come stacked (ex: niget item5 10) and you'll get 10 hotdogs in a stack but once you remove one from it you cannot place it back in the stack. Most likely due to minecraft itself not stacking tools or weapons sadly.
  5. Depends on the Minecraft version you're using and on the item you're trying to stack.
    All foods, drinks, normal items can be stacked in NewItems.
    In 1.13.2 they appear to be a bit bugger when stacking but they do stack.

    Contact me via private message on Discord to get faster support :)
  6. @LoneDev Hi, I have a problem :) I add
    Code (Text):
     - ni.user.craft.*
    to my PermissionsEx config but nobody can craft any items.
  7. @Gryzzli10 do you have any other ni permissions? try adding
    - ni.user.niall
    not sure if those are still used but they're on my permissionsex
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  8. @Kisaki Thanks! I add - and -ni.user.niall All working fine ;)
  9. Thanks @Kisaki , kind and useful as always
  10. I’d buy it if you allow me to use it on multiple servers in my BungeeCord network.
  11. Hey it would seem the payment method for NewItems is down, does anyone know when this will be fixed I really need this plugin for my server
  12. Just read the plugin description, I clearly explained why..
  13. I have a question
    My server was updated from 1.12.2 to 1.13.2
    Material package can not be read
    I have changed "pack_format": 4,
    Can you help me? I don't know what 1.3 changed, causing it to be unreadable.
  14. Minecraft changed a lot of material names and also in resourcepack this changed.
    You'll have to edit all your .json files in the resourcepack to match new Minecraft textures names (material names).
    You can take the "default-resourcepack-1_13-DO_NOT_CHANGE" zip file as reference, which is in the config.yml

    You could also try this tool which converts resourcepacks to 1.13, I didn't test so I don't know if it works:
  15. i sned you discord

    can you Private conversation?
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  16. Hello it makes impossible to buy the plugin, it tells me inactive plugin.
    Possible to solve the problem?
  17. Purchasing is disabled for new buyers while he is working on the newer updated plugin "ItemsAdder". As he states at the top of the overview page. He will make it active again after the release of ItemsAdder when he has time to answer support questions that will come up.
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