Spigot EnchantControl [1.8 - 1.14] - Take back control over all enchants on your server 1.4.6

Lets you disable all enchants with a simply click in a GUI

  1. Hello,

    I want to suggest an addition.
    In my view it could be cool to add the possibility to set enchantement automatically when a specific enchantment is obtained on an item.
    E.g :
    I want to balance the mending enchantement on the server, but not to completely disable it...
    Your plugin could apply a choosen enchantment on the item to balance the mending enchant.

    So when a player get mending on an item from enchanting table or anvil (with books), the enchantement "curse of vanishing" will be applied on the item/book.

    So the mending is balanced by the possibility to lose definitively the item if the player die.

    Just an idea, but I think that isn't too much complicated to integrate (just catch enchant / anvil events and run apply specific enchant defined in config on the designated item) and it could be a good options / compromise.
  2. Hey there

    i do the /enchantcontrol and the gui didnt appear at all.. im on paperspigot 1.1.5
  3. That's not how Paper do version name.
    Please send the full output of following:
    EnchantControl information when the server starts (If in doubt, send whole startup log)
    Your full config.yml
  4. Completely missed your comment.
    I'll add it to my todo list.
    I have a full rework planned when I get the time.
    When I do find it, I'll try to implement this feature.
  5. Is it possible to use this plugin only for me, so that I can create tools that have a higher enchantment then vanilla allows without giving the players the possibility to enchant higher then in vanilla.

    I would like to create Tools for special events with really strong enchantments.
  6. Hello, in search for solutions: with mcmmo using special abilities such as gigadrill with an enchantment “op” (i.e. efficiency 6), after the special effect ends the enchantments downgrade to the maximum vanilla non op enchantment (i.e. efficiency 5).
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  7. I want players to be able to make better enchantments using "advanced" enchanted books that get dropped into my server, but that way only! For example players can combine 2 level 3 unbreaking pickaxes in an anvil and get one with unbreaking 4! I dont want this to be able to happen. I want to make it so that only enchanted books can get you higher enchanting levels than vanilla. Is that possible?
  8. Unfortunately, no.
    The plugin only support global max levels.
  9. Is there a way/could there be a way to disable the downgrading of enchantments?

    There's a few instances where I would like the levels to be capped to a certain extent, but still obtainable in ways not otherwise natural (IE: Players can upgrade to a maximum, sharpness 7, but can use tools enchanted withs sharpness 10.

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  10. ...and to prevent things like this
  11. i have problem on server 1.8 i wanted to set limits more then vanilla so i can fuse them in anvil but its not working can you help me?
  12. Hi there, i have a "could not pass event" spam in the console in 1.13.2 spigot with the last version of EnchantControl
  13. Is the Plugin compatible to 1.16? :D
  14. Hello! does your plugin desables illigaly enchanted items that you cant get in vanilla such as 32k sharpness swords?