Enchanting Problems

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  1. I have a way to add "better" enchant books in my server. But when a non op player tries to use the this happens: Even though the enchant is Efficiency VI the item gets enchanted to Efficiency V. I am using essentials with unsafe enchants set as true in the config but it seems to not fix the problem. How could i fix this?[​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Unsafe enchants only applies to the /enchant command I think. Use this plugin you can customize your enchants on your server.
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  3. Using this plugin if i set the cap for the fortune to 6 for example will players be able to enchant fortune up to 6 in enchanting tables? I dont want this to happen i want to only allow these enchants to be anviled not in enchanting tables.
  4. No, you can set it up for whatever mechanics you want. For examples, for anvils only. Enchantment tables only do normal enchants. My video on it explains everything on the main page.
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  5. Just setted this up and it works just fine. Thanks.