Spigot EnchantLimiter EnchantLimit 2.2

This plugin allows you to set the maximum levels for enchantments

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    EnchantLimiter - This plugin allows you to set the maximum levels for enchantments

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  2. Is it possible to completely disable enchantments? I set some to 0 and it still gives it to them but the level is 0.
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  3. That's a good point.. At the moment the best you can do is set the values to 0 which should effectively disable most, if not all, enchantments. When I get time I'll make it totally disable any enchantments when set to 0. :)

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  4. Hello, for some reason this plugin doesnt work for me, I tested it with Protection and sharpness I set both to 10 max and true on both anvil and enchant limit , neither of them could get me a prot or sharp 10 enchant. then I tried with anvil and ench table limiter to false and got the same result. 2 prot IV books give me prot IV and after 5 mins of enchanting books/armor and swords Ive never gotten a Sharpness 6 or higher or Prot 5 or higher...
  5. Hello,
    At the moment this plugin is used only to limit enchantments (hence the name) meaning you can change the maximum possible enchantment levels to lower than the max in vanilla minecraft but not higher. I do have plans for enabling increasing of the maximums (which isn't hard) however at the moment my focus is on study.

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  6. Hey! Nice plugin but the anvil part seems to not work for some reason. The enchant limit work pretty well with the enchant table but i can use for exemple lvl I sharpness book to increase to II (wich is limited to I in the config) a sword or directly use a lvl V sharpness book on it. Any idea?

    The configuration is enabled for anvils. My server is running spigot 1.8.6-R0.1
  7. I am having this exact same issue. It limits enchants just fine. But I can combine the books to make a higher level then put that on a weapon.
  8. It has a bug that if you put level 0 in an enchantment, and You enchant with a book of level 1 of this enchantment, the sword has a Enchantment 0. like this:
  9. Alright, I'll look into fixing this. I believe this happens because vanilla minecraft is not used to displaying enchantment levels of 0. One question though, if you limit say, fire aspect to 0. Would the sword still light things on fire, or is this only a cosmetic issue?

    Thanks for the bug report! :)

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  10. Only a cosmetic issue
  11. 1.8 support ?
  12. Yep! Although I've just received reports that there is a bug when setting the enchantment limit to 0 so I'll need to fix that when I have some spare time :/

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  13. Doesn't seem like the link to the download works, may want to fix it.
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  14. Thanks for letting me know! I have updated the link and it should work now. :)
  15. Glad I can help. Is it possible to add some way to limit enchants for specific items, as in limiting sharpness on axes but not swords?
  16. There are a bunch of new features I have planned, but unfortunately I cannot spare the time at the moment as I have final exams next week :( I will hopefully get time in the nearish future ;)