Enchantment Api:

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Kirito13299, May 8, 2015.

  1. Hi Everyone, can someone help me make these enchantments for enchantment Api?

    lifeSteal - takes other people HP and heal you, Swords/Axes
    Jump - Get JumpBoost depending on what level enchant, Boots
    Anti-Grav - Get Jumpboost 2 for every level, Boots
    Regen - Regen 1 Heart for each level, Armor
    RapidArrow - Shoots a arrow faster than normal, Bow
    DoubleStrike - Able to double the damage in one swing, swords/axes
    ObsidianShield - Allows you to walk in lava and fire, Armor
    Vampire - Every 3 hits you heal 3 Hearts per level
    Roar - Pushes anyone around you up to 3 Blocks per level, Swords
    Flash - A chance of teleporting when getting hit, Boots
    Hunger - When hit an enemy the other play loses 3 hungers per level, Swords/Axes
    OverBurst - Gains 2 Hearts Per Level, Armor
    And more please