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  1. I don't know if this is the place to put this but I am looking for a plugin that has custom enchants on armor and tools.
    So if I wanted sharpness 20 on a sword I will put the sword in my hand and type /enchant sharpness 20 then it will put sharpness 20 on my sword. Can someone help. I used to have this plugin but now I don't I lost it. It was free.
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    Essentials? :p
  3. Its called Tim The Enchant,er and post in Spigot Plugins section instead of plugin development next time.
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  4. Essentials does that but not mine. For essentials you just turn the unsafe enchantments on
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  5. You can do this without any plugins at all.. At least you used to? I think some plugins like essentials may actually block it by default.
  6. You can, you need to add the ench nbt tag with the minecraft give command.
    If you have essentials it would be /minecraft:give <name> diamond_sword 1 {<stuff here>}
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    /minecraft:give @p diamond_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:14, lvl:35277},{other enchantments, etc.}]}

    Yes, it is in minecraft, but unfortunately they're quite obscure with the NBT information. It's numerical rather than the enchantment name as the identifier for the enchantment. Though you can find a list of all enchantment ID's just by googling. There's a Minecraft Wiki page for it if you're willing to Google. It should come up first or second when searching for "Minecraft enchantment IDs"
  8. Tim the enchanter maybe