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Enchantment Preferences

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  1. [0] An old enchantment mechanic where all enchantment names aren't visible

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  2. [1] Update enchantment UI title with the name of the enchant when selected; click item to confirm

  3. [2] Update item with enchantment lore and left click to confirm in GUI

  4. [3] All enchant names are blank on hover; left click to enchant; right click to open stats/name

  5. [4] No vanilla enchant UI; Custom holographic enchantment UI with animations.

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  1. I am considering developing a premium custom enchantment resource that doesn't involve in janky GUI solutions and commands that players need to memorize to add custom enchants. I want to utilize the already existing tool in vanilla minecraft to allow players to enchant their items. This way the installation for this plugin is as seamless as possible but adds a bunch of new and exciting enchants. There is a problem with this idea however. The client has its own library of registered commands therefore registering a custom enchant on the server doesn't get referenced by the client. As a result in the enchantment table, the custom enchants in the GUI don't have a name when hovered over unlike the already defined vanilla enchants.
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    For this reason I have come up with a few solutions around this. However it is hard for me to decide what the general minecraft community thinks of this so I've created a simple poll for those interested to leave an answer to help me decide on the direction I should take with this potential project.

    • An old enchantment mechanic where all enchantment names aren't visible
      • Basically back in 1.7 or whenever, enchants couldn't be previewed at all when hovered over. Naturally it was all a game of chance, however eventually Mojang developers finally implemented a way for players to preview the names of the enchants they were about to get but adding hoverable messages. However these messages can't support custom enchants since the client references the enchantment ID passed by the packet sent by the server. Since the client can't reference the custom enchant's ID it doesn't display anything. So a simple basic solution is to revert back to the classic enchantment mechanic. Would such a "sacrifice" be worth it for custom enchants and same enchantment UI?
    • Update enchantment UI title with the name of the enchant when selected and select item to confirm
      • (Refer to the image above) Basically when selecting an enchantment, the title in the GUI updates with the name of the enchant. The player simply clicks the enchant again to confirm the enchantment and the enchantment is added. Downside to this is that version support may be limited to 1.14+ (or 1.13 depending when support for changing container titles were added)
    • Update item with enchantment lore and left click to confirm in GUI
      • Similar mechanic as before, but instead of changing the GUI's title, the enchantment is applied to the item as a preview but the item should be clicked again in the GUI to confirm the enchantment.
    • All enchant names are blank on hover; left click to enchant; right click to open a custom GUI with stats/name of enchant
      • Unlike the first three, the following approaches (including this one) take a more creative different approach towards enchanting while keeping the essential vanilla enchanting experience. As the title suggests, all enchants are blank (to maintain consistency) as explained in the first option, however you can preview the enchants information by right clicking the enchantment where a GUI will popup with details on the enchant. Left clicking will enchant the item as normal. When the player first utilizes this tool, the first enchant they click with this plugin will quickly provide a tutorial on the controls and then never bother the player again.
    • No vanilla enchant UI; Custom holographic enchantment UI with animations
      • Because the enchantment GUI is limited, perhaps scraping off the enchantment table's GUI completely and taking on a totally custom and interesting approach would be a more viable approach? When right clicking the enchantment table the player can then select the item and lapis they want to use to enchant which will then visually be shown floating above the enchantment table followed by a list of holograms hovering above it each displaying the name of an enchantment and its cost beside it. Player can look at either one of the holographic names and left click it to select enchantment and perhaps a quick little enchantment animation may be added. Of course the issue with this is the possible confusion or complexity this may bring to the players utilizing such a different unfamiliar interface.
    These are 5 ideas I came up with as viable solutions to this issue I have encountered however I am open to suggestions in the comments with possible alternatives that would still help maintain the essential goal of keeping a vanilla-like enchantment experience. The original inspiration for this plugin has come from EnchantsPlus, however due to the number of bugs and lack of developer support for the plugin in the past year, I have decided to create a project that follows a similar goal.
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  2. The Vanilla + unknown custom enchant is better than the options we have today. They're all bloated and filled with trash. I would like to see a plugin that has custom enchants but can be obtained through the enchant table. GoldenEnchants has a nice system that functions like this but has very limited enchants.

    Conclusion: Custom enchants that function like vanilla enchants with or without knowing what they are before enchanting the item.
  3. I personally prefer option 1 from the ones you listed, however I think adding all of these options and then letting the end user choose, either on a per-player basis or global via a config setting, would satisfy the most people.
  4. Perhaps, but it would greatly increase the size of the plugin, potentially hinder performance a bit, and make maintenance for the plugin a chore. I would prefer to narrow the options down to where I'm left with no more then 3 options. Perhaps then I could setup some sort of mode setting across the 3. It just seems a bit odd for a plugin to have modes in the config that completely change the plugin's entire mechanics. I might as well have a zip file that is downloaded with multiple different plugins. One plugin for each one of the options. Player just installs the plugin with the mechanic they want to use instead of changing it in the config.