Spigot Enchantment Solution 2.4.15

The All-In-One Custom Enchanting Plugin!

    Due to issues in my personal life, active development on this plugin will cease indefinitely. All major bugs should be fixed in 2.2.13 at this time, but if anything is to come up, please still report it, and I will try my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Active plugin development will resume once the personal issue has resolved itself. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes. --crashtheparty
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  2. I am sorry to hear about your problems, if you could at least fix the reload function so we wont have to restart the servers, that would be great.
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  3. Amazing plugin, I really like it :) There is one bug I've encountered - when I log onto server and while using Life enchantement the bonus health is not showing properly. I have 4 more hearts but they are exhausted. I can always fix that by reequiping the chestplate.
  4. Hi dev!

    I am browsing around git hub and around every resource I can find but plugin just seems to be not working on my server. Got it working once and that is it, since then it just idles in my server and shows no custom enchants. GUIs for blocks work, just enchants do not show. When I do /es info it shows only vanilla ones even thou I did fresh reset of plugin and did not touch config when it was reset. I know you are a busy man but any advice is welcome as I see you are active and keep updating this amazing plugin, love what you did here but would like even more if I could run it. Here is my plugin list:


    Could any of those plugins prevent the plugin from working? Also I attached the paste of debug file generated bellow:


    EDIT: Fixed!

    It was my own fault for /reloading server, looks like that breaks the enchants, well now I do full restarts when its gone if anyone has same issue.
    #484 A2rath, Apr 13, 2020
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  5. crashtheparty updated Enchantment Solution with a new update entry:

    Release 2.2.14

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  6. That's some kind of issue between EnchantmentSolution and Zrips' Recount. There's not an issue with the config, something in the Recount plugin is throwing the error because of Hollow Point. Since Recount isn't open source, I would need permission to look at his PlayerListener class to understand why this is happening.
  7. Issue with soulbound and keep-inventory flags, when player dies in my pvp zone or spawn void and that region have keep-inventory flag, the item with soulbound enchantment duplicates.
  8. Which plugin are you using for that?
  9. worldguard + worldguardextraflags.
  10. Can i somehow disable option for items to not get wrong enchants? For example, shovel got sharpness and channeling
  11. issue with detonate enchantment when used in skyblock island, you can grief using it on someone's island even thou its protekted.
  12. That should not happen unless someone used /enchantunsafe or enchanted it using some other command method. If you can prove they are getting it a legitimate way, please send in a bug report to github following the requested format. I can't help without any other information.

    Detonate uses the Spigot World::createExplosion method, which can be easily cancelled using the SkyBlock plugin. If the event is cancelled on the SkyBlock plugin's end (or the blocks are cleared from the explosions event), it should not cause any explosion. Unless you can send me information that proves otherwise through github, please talk to the SkyBlock plugin's developer.
  13. Hey! Absolutely love the plugin and have been using it for a while now. However just one suggestion, would you be able to implement a feature that would allow the user to separate enchantments on books maybe through a lectern GUI of sorts. For example, you have Sharpness and Life on a book, if right click the lectern with nothing in your hand it will bring up a Gui where you can place the enchanted book along with empty books at the cost of experience (possibly another item like lapis for enchanting, quartz shards?) and that will give you two separate books. Anyways keep up your hard work!
  14. Hey man, I love your plugin! If you do not mind I organised custom enchants into categories so it is easier to read them for future :)

    Everything enchant:
    Curse of Contagion (Everything Enchantment): Spreads curses to items.
    Curse of Exhaustion (Everything Enchantment): Causes more exhaustion for Minecraft actions.
    Soulbound (Everything Enchantment): Keep item on death. (Conflicts with Curse of Vanishing).

    Beheading (Sword Enchantment): Adds a chance to drop mob heads on death.
    Brine (Sword Enchantment): Doubles damage if opponent is at half health or less.

    Swords and axes:
    Quick Strike (Axes and Swords Enchantment): Speeds up charge time. (Conflicts with Sharpness, Smite, Bane of Arthropods, Fire Aspect, and Shock Aspect).
    Shock Aspect (Axes Enchantment): Chance to strike attacked mobs with lightning. (Conflicts with Quick Strike).
    Knock Up (Swords Enchantment): Knocks opponent into the air on hit. (Conflicts with Knockback).

    Fishing rod:
    Angler(Fishing Rod Enchantment): Catch an additional fish per level.
    Fried (Fishing Rod Enchantment): All caught fish are automatically cooked.

    ArmoredElytra Enchantment): Adds armor points to Elytra.
    Frequent Flyer(Elytra Enchantment): Gives player creative flight at cost of durability. (Conflicts with Icarus).
    Icarus (Elytra Enchantment): Flying upwards will increase velocity. (Conflicts with Frequent Flyer).

    Tools and weapons:
    Curse of Lag (Tools and Weapons Enchantment): Laggggg.
    Exp. Share (Tools/Weapons Enchantment): Increased experience drop from killing mobs and breaking blocks.
    Telepathy (Tools Enchantment): All mined blocks go straight into your inventory.

    Height++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the up/down direction.
    Smeltery (Tools Enchantment): Smelt broken items. (Conflicts with Silk Touch).
    Width++ (Tools Enchantment): Increases block break radius in the left/right direction.

    Flower Gift (Hoe Enchantment): Right click flowers to drop flowers. (Conflicts with Gold Digger and Soul Reaper).
    Gold Digger (Hoe Enchantment): Drop gold and experience when breaking crops and nether warts. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Soul Reaper).
    Sand Veil(Hoe enchantment): Lowers accuracy of attacked entity's hits.
    Soul Reaper (Hoe Enchantment): Has a large chance for killed player to drop Soulbound items. (Conflicts with Flower Gift and Gold Digger).
    Splatter Fest (Hoe Enchantment): Shoots eggs in inventory from hoe on left click.

    Overkill (Bow Enchantment): Shoots arrows in inventory from bow on left click.

    Pillage (Crossbow Enchantment): Increase drops from killed mobs.
    Stone Throw (Crossbow Enchantment): Does more damage to flying mobs.

    Bow and crossbow:
    Detonator (Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Explosions on arrow impact. Decreases creeper activation time. (Conflicts with Hollow Point).
    Hollow Poin(Bow and Crossbow Enchantment): Deals more damage to armored opponents. Can deal damage to Endermen and shielded Withers. (Conflicts with Detonator).

    Bow and trident:
    Sniper (Trident/Bow Enchantment): Increased projectile speed.

    Drowned (Trident Enchantment): Drowns non-water mobs for a short time.
    Transmutation (Trident Enchantment): Turns mob loot into sea-based loot.

    Tank (Armor Enchantment): Increased durability.
    Toughness (Armor Enchantment): Adds armor toughness to armor.

    Unrest (Helmet Enchantment): Gives night vision but phantoms will always spawn at night around you.
    No Rest (Helmet Enchantment): Sleep time constantly reset to 0, causing no phantoms to spawn. (Conflicts with Unrest).

    Gung Ho (Chestplate Enchantment): Halves health but triples attack damage. (Conflicts with Life).
    Life (Chestplate Enchantment): Increases maximum health when worn. (Conflicts with Gung Ho).
    Sacrifice (Chestplate Enchantment): Damages mob that killed you based on your experience level.

    Warp (Leggings Enchantment): Gives chance to teleport you away from damage.

    Magma Walker (Boots Enchantment): Turns lava into magma for a short time when walking near it. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Void Walker).
    Void Walker (Boots Enchantment): Spawns obsidian in air blocks to help players cross the void. (Conflicts with Depth Strider, Frost Walker, and Magma Walker).

    Hard Bounce (Shield Enchantment): Projectiles hitting the shield will bounce away at a faster rate. (Conflicts with Iron Defense).
    Iron Defense (Shield Enchantment): Shield absorbs percentage of damage when not blocking. (Conflicts with Hard Bounce).
    Magic Guard (Shield Enchantment): Negative potion effects removed when in offhand.

    Carrot on a Stick Enchantment:
    Irene's Lasso (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Grab animals to place elsewhere. (Conflicts with Wand).
    Wand (Carrot on a Stick Enchantment): Place blocks from offhand in a radius. (Conflicts with Irene's Lasso).

    Moisturize (Shears enchantment): Add moisture to blocks, waterlogging or changing certain block types.
  15. Code (Java):
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]: [EnchantmentSolution] There was a problem trying to save item ItemStack{PLAYER_HEAD x 1, SKULL_META:{meta-type=SKULL, display-name=Soul Chest, lore=[, Soulbounded to you], enchants={Glow=1}, ItemFlags=[HIDE_ATTRIBUTES, HIDE_UNBREAKABLE, HIDE_DESTROYS], internal=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skull-owner=MHF_Chest}} in slot 17:
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]: java.lang.NullPointerException
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at org.ctp.enchantmentsolution.inventory.snapshot.SnapshotInventory.checkItem(SnapshotInventory.java:81)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at org.ctp.enchantmentsolution.inventory.snapshot.SnapshotInventory.setInventory(SnapshotInventory.java:41)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at org.ctp.enchantmentsolution.threads.SnapshotRunnable.run(SnapshotRunnable.java:46)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_15_R1.scheduler.CraftTask.run(CraftTask.java:81)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_15_R1.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:394)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.MinecraftServer.b(MinecraftServer.java:1036)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.DedicatedServer.b(DedicatedServer.java:406)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:984)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at net.minecraft.server.v1_15_R1.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:824)
    [11:52:21] [Server thread/WARN]:        at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
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  17. 1. 65 diamonds prepared 2. Put 64 in a big box 3. Add 1 diamond to the inventory and fill all inventory with 1 stone. 4. Open the box, discard 64 diamonds and click on the diamond in the inventory! 5. Copy! Can this bug be prevented?

    i use last build