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  1. Hi, I have a problem with the feather falling enchantment, when the players are fighting they use a weapon that throws the players into the air, very high, and they use boots with the feather falling enchantment to resist the fall, but There are times when the enchantment fails and does not protect what it should and they end up dying, I don't know what happens, the plugins I use are these:

    CleanroomGenerator, Announcer, AntiWorldFly, NametagEdit, Lockette, FarmLimiter, CustomKnockback, ChatReaction, SkinsRestorer, EnderPearlCooldown, AdvancedNMotd, StaffPlus, CoreProtect, HealthBar, GappleCooldown, Lockip, AntiOP, NBTEditor, ClearLag, ChatControl, IllegalStack, AntiBot, ProtocolLib, Multiverse-Core, NoCheatPlus, eZProtector, FastAsyncWorldEdit, Minepacks, Shopkeepers, UUIDSpoof-Fix, PermissionsEx, CS-CoreLib, PerWorldPluginsPremium, Vault, ObsidianAuctions, HolographicDisplays, PlayerPoints, PlayerHeads, AntiJigsaw, WorldEdit, QuestWorld, Essentials, Jobs, KoTH, CrateReloaded, SimpleClans, KitAdder, EssentialsChat, BattleLevels, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, BattleTracker, WorldGuard, EssentialsAntiBuild, ServerSigns, EssentialsSpawn, PvPManager, KoTH-Scoreboard, PreciousStones, SilkSpawners, MyPreciousStone, RPGItems, AuthMe, Duels, LiteBans, SimpleFreeze, BossShopPro, EssentialsGUI, LimitedUses