Spigot EnchantmentsEnhance - Gear Progression Mechanics with Customized Enchantments 7.9.2

Progressive custom enchantments system inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

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    Enchantments Enhance - Upgrade your item - Inspired by Black Desert Online Enhancement system.

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  2. Hello, can you please add 1.12.2 support ? (Spigot) and any screens please ? :) Thank you =)
  3. 可不可以增强宝石单指令给 /enhance add 数量,一条指令给就999的数量,希望你能调整为 /enhance add 数量 ,[物品] [数量],我很喜欢你这个插件。但是就是给的太多了
  4. 你能增加单个指令的数量来增加/增加999个指令吗?我希望你可以调整到/增加数量,[商品] [数量],我真的很喜欢你的插件。但它太多了。
  5. 可不可以增加一条指令/enhance add ID 数量
  6. -已移除调试指令/enhance add
    +插件目前支持/enhance add <玩家> <附魔石> <数量>
  7. Does the enchantment attribute have a certain probability to drop the rank
  8. I'd like to invest in you 10 dollars
  9. It can't be used. You can test it,