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  1. The title may be a bit confusing and weird. I saw this on many servers, that players can kill the ender dragon individually when they go to the end for the first time, even though the dragon is killed by someone else before. How can I do this? Please reply and thanks.
  2. I believe the way it works is that a plugin or script adds a new dragon each time a new player enters the end.

    Now theres possibly ender dragon management plugins or tools out there, but you'll need to take a look into that.
    Generally its more custom and on larger servers, but for sure is possible. Just a case of if you want to make it, or find one someone already has.
  3. Can u help me find that script or plugin or whatever it is?
  4. Generally speaking, these scripts or plugins are made privately for certain servers.

    I'm sure some web browsing should help find something perhaps, if not, its likely its something that isnt public.
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