1.8.8 EnderButt Plugin

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  1. Hey everyone

    I'm looking for someone who could make me an EnderButt plugin for free with an Enable-Worlds/Disabled-Worlds option in the configuration file so I can manage what worlds I need the plugin to be in. I will really appreciate it if you could do that for me! you can message me on discord or here on spigot page!

    Discord: iClamp#0001
  2. Don't write the same post. Don't even write to add Discord just because you want this. Spigot Plugin Development is not a forum for you to ask questions you don't know about coding plugins.
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  3. I never said the Plugin Development forum for me? It's for everyone, also I did not get helped in my last post so I posted it here again, and what is wrong with me don`t know coding plugins? a lot of people do not know coding plugins, If u don`t want to help then simply don`t reply.
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  4. He meant that this isn’t the right category for your request but in a harmful way lol also what is enderbutt??
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  5. He could simply of said that Instead of trash talking to me. EnderButt is a plugin when you click it it makes you fly.
  6. @Maxx_Qc Can you tell me the right category to request this though?
  7. I know he just likes to post bs on every posts… he doesn’t know how to behave in society I guess

    Spigot discussion I guess. The spigot plugin request section was closed a while ago, we opened a suggestion to open it back again. You can always check in offerings developers, some of them are free and available.
  8. Okay, thank you!
  9. just btw this is one of better ways to give someone backdoor access. so i recommend you be careful.
  10. Ok thanks!
  11. Yeah, choco dude is quite annoying.
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