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Modify EnderChest!

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    EnderChestPlus - Modify EnderChest!

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  2. I believe I installed this plugin a while ago. It shows a fake chest GUI when you click on an Enderchest, which is pretty neat. However it does not automatically import existing Enderchest items to the fake GUI, so it's kinda useless to use. :(
  3. If anyone has issues with player not being able to get into the enderchest its because the dev's forgot a important permission on the list you need both enderchestplus.use I believe it is and then the enderchest.default as well unless if there a donator. Also I am having an issue when I go to make custom perms for more donation chest non of the permissions work so I hope that gets fixed.
  4. Wow thank you ToXiCHaZe541 for that tip about EnderChestPlus.use permission. I, too, cannot put custom perms, they all show the default size.
  5. Normal users can't open enderchests, any fixes?
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  6. Use EnderChestPlus.normal
  7. I can't disable /enderchest command for defaults. Help me!
  8. Can you add a list of the permission nodes please?? <3
  9. I've used this plugin in 1.8 version and it worked fine, but when I upgraded to 1.9 it works no more... any update???