Solved Enderdragon boss bar stuck at top of screen

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BenRulez, Nov 22, 2020.

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  1. I have created a new Multiverse world as an End world, i have set the world to peaceful, i have killed all entities and when i first made the world i killed the dragon first, no matter what i do the boss bar is stuck there
  2. Have you tried...
    • Disconnect and reconnect
    • Restart the server

    do you have any boss bar plugins?
  3. i have no boss bar plugins and this has been happening for days, restarted and reconnected many times
  4. Any log messages 'bout the dragon when you restart the server or enter the world?
  5. It says the dragon has not been killed in this world, i set it to normal difficulty, killed the dragon, respawned the dragon and killed it, used crystals to spawn it and edited the level.dat with nbtexplorer to show it as killed nothing is working,
  6. When it says that the dragon has not been killed in this world... there realy seems to be a dragon still present in that world.
    That's why there's a bossbar...
    Have a look if a dragon is stuck somewhere in a not loaded chunk near the center island.
    Dragons in the end are sometime... strange... :)
  7. I went around the world, no dragon, i also killed the dragon once the world was created, i watched it die.
  8. One solution would be installing DragonSlayer (plugin by me) and use command "/dragonslayer removedragons" ...
    That should remove that hidden dragon.
    Simply using the killall command doesn't work, until you have dragons with custom names...
  9. Thanks! Just installing the plugin fixed the issue <3
  10. Glad, that i could help. ;)
Thread Status:
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