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  1. Hello, Best Friends :love:
    So lets started, i need to make the

    EnderDragon - Death Effect with some options :)
    (Invisible Dragon - No Boss Bar - No Death Sound - No End Credit Portals)
    :eek: :ROFLMAO:
    Just light effect like the image

    i think this is impossible :sleep:
    but i think if we can do it we need to use ProtocoLlib
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  2. I do use this effect in one of my plugins as a join effect. By default at death there will be no boss bar (at least for 1.11-1.13).
    You may need ProtocolLib to make the dragon invisible. You also need ProtocolLib to disable the sound, and you can only disable the sound if the dragon is being summoned at a specific coordinate.

    If you need in depth help with the code, you can message me.
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  3. This is awesome dear
    Is there an explanation for ProtocolLib
    i am so bad on ProtocolLib
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  4. I will code you a demo. I will make it 1.11-13 give me a min

    Also, regarding the dragon, ProtocolLib will be used to modify packets. The dragon sounds come from packets.
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  5. @DevilDeath
    Ok I made a simple one for now, without protocolLib for versions 1.11-1.13
    The command to spawn it is /dragon
    No boss bar, and explosions don't do damage. If you still need more to it I can go farther.

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  6. OMG, you are so beautiful :) thanks @Dyn4micUniverse
    but we can disable End Credit Portals using protocolLib for 1.8 ?
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  7. :) np.

    ProtocolLib would just be used to silence the dragon death sound.

    Well, honestly I do not work with 1.8 because the code is a bit different. But with the code I gave you the portal only spawns for a second to summon the dragon then it cancels, so for 1.11-1.13 I guarantee no visible credit portal. For 1.8, I have not tested.
    I am not sure what you are going to do with the dragon effect, but the dragon death/beams can be lowered to player view distance rather than
    above if you need.

    Location loc = player.getLocation().add(0, -10, 0);
    Where you see the -10 is the Y axis of where the dragon spawns. I made it -10 so the dragon does not die too high. If you change it to -22
    then if a player is on the ground the beams will shine from the ground and the dragon dies at ground level.
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  8. You can use packet without using protocollib instead
  9. Thanks bro :) SOLVED <3
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  10. Thanks :) @Dyn4micUniverse for help now SOLVED <3
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  11. Did you figure out how to remove the boss bar for 1.8?
    I actually tried but couldn't.
    1.9-1.13 is the only ones without the bar.
  12. I will do this and put it in this thread
    For benefit to all members :)
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