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  1. Hello, im running a Faction server and i need Enderpearlcooldown. i saw in a video of a youtuber (PainfulPvP) on kohi.us that they have a plugin that if you hold the enderpearl the cooldown is on top of your hotbar, can someone link a plugin simular like that or maybe code it for me? Sorry for the bad english :/ my Skype = ResyPvP my youtube is: www.youtube.com/c/synxresy and the video of painful pvp is (the sprinting toggled thingy is a mod and isn't included also you see the enderpearl cooldown multiple times in the video)

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  3. I did but it wont show the time above your hotbar, only in the chat.
  4. K.. I'll make one. Gimme a little while..

    Price: $0.00 USD preferred
    Time: Today if I'm NOT Lazy :p

    Download: FREE AND I'LL PM U

    XD.. u want the cool down to show in the hot and in chat?
  5. if thats possible yes, i fucking love you xD
  6. I'm a guy.. Ewwww :(

    K, pleasure doing business with u ;)
    Prefix.. just type it here ..

    & with this.. so I can make it.. or do u want a config?
  7. #NoHomo xD, well if you could make a config for the time the enderpearlcooldown has to be and can you set it to 15 seconds as default.
    prefix could be something like: &a[SynX]
  8. K... ;)
  9. I don't know if you already started and if you am never mind then but if you haven't can you make it so you see the cooldown above your hotbar when you hold the enderpearl? (Sorry i kinda forgot to mention that, don't mind if you already started)
  10. Erm.. I already started the other one you wanted :( sorry..
  11. no problemo :p
  12. If you don't mind could I join ur server and see my plugin I made for u in action once I'm done.. :p

    + SPOTLIGHT <3 +
  13. Ofcourse!!! (Server is still in build so no1 is online :p)