Spigot EnderRide Beta 2.3

You can ride a enderpearl

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    EnderRide - You can ride a enderpearl

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  2. Can you make this plugin create any floating item? Like fly on stone or quartz etc.?
  3. Let's see what can be done there.
  4. ;D cuz I dont think ive seen anything like that before. Using the ProjectKorra plugin currently you can use particles to seem like youre flying, itd be cool if I could add this to simulate people riding on stone blocks or something. Purely for aesthetic purposes.
  5. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/rideblocks.1985/
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    Big Update to Spigot version 1.8.8

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  7. after a few hours of starting the server this happens, and is a loop error console that lasts for hours and then stop, passing a few hours and the same thing happens again
  8. This could be because the mojang page/servers are down. The error says that the plugin can not get the UUID of a player. But I have a idea, so I hope I can fix that!
  9. mhhh, I thought so but was not sure, well my server is offline (non-premium) :(
  10. Ohh that is the reason! The plugin is not available for non premium players! That is because of bugs with the uuids in mysql database! But I can add a feature, that you can set premium mode enable or disable. So you can use it too!
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    Update Beta 2.2

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  12. :') thanks you're awesome !!!
  13. :)
  14. mhhh, i set to false the online mode, but when i activate the enderpearl, i can't ride it :(