Spigot Ender's Snow 5.6

Spawns snow flakes for a cool snowy effect for use in Hubs/Lobbies. Multi world and region support!

  1. I have been thinking about adding this so I will add it after the next release. The next release will be released today and it has a bunch of command added. One command is /snow-toggle to allow players to toggle the snow on and off which might help you until I get this feature request added.
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    Added bunch of commands

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  3. Thanks! I really would LOVE to have this in my Server "Hub" area(Not really a hub but its a hub nonetheless), because I got Christmas stuff decorated all over the City. And would not mind having snow all over the place in town. That'd be absolutely great :D

    Much Love. <3 <3

    Is there a permissions required to use the toggle?
  4. I am currently working on the region show. Should have it done in a couple of days.

    Use one of the following perms for /snow-toggle:
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  5. Hello! Can you do to spawn snow flakes around player only in specified region?
  6. Working on that right now.
  7. EnderSandman updated Ender's Snow with a new update entry:

    Multiple World and Region Support

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  8. Let me know if this latest update helps you. The particles still only spawn around the players but you can now specify the worlds and coordinates inwhich the players will see the snow flakes. I am still working on spawning snow flakes in regions but I am having trouble getting the flakes to fall smoothly.
  9. I will await your final update. ^.^ I will try this one out, as well. ^^ Much, much wonderful snowy snowy Love <3 Thanks!
  10. Its an easy plugin for people with no command block experience to use.

    I think its funny that someone can setup a server and setup and config a plugin.. yet they cant use command blocks?

    You can literally do this SAME thing with the repeator block on always active...

    /execute @a ~ ~ ~

    to show particles @ spawn: /particle fireworksSpark -817 86 -219 5 5 5 0 5 force (change the XYZ Cordiates to the center of your spawn.
    Then.. set the " 5 5 5 " part to be how far from the XYZ you want players to see it.

    Or: to cause all players to see snow on the server...

    /execute @a[r=500] ~ ~ ~ /particle fireworksSpark -817 86 -219 5 5 5 0 5 force
    Or.. remove the [r=500] It really dosnt create any lag at all. even on a server with 500 players or more.

    Either way, there both easy setups to do. Just depends if you want to play with command blocks more, or plugins more.
  11. You clearly have no idea that command block bommands don't always work on a Spigot/Bukkit server due to the way it is coded, as well as all the plugins that conflict with command block commands.

    Tldr: Clean server, can add Logdotzips' "EXTRA HARD MODE" command to the server.

    Start adding a bunch of plugins, it starts to spaz out/error/not function.

    This is why having plugins like this are nice. Maybe its nice developers that develop stuff like EnderSnow ..WANT...to develop this, so that people like me don't want to spend a long time adding a feature through the use of a command block...when we can just use the plugin instead.

    Oh, also. Since it supports WorldEdit/Guard...I can just set the snow anywhere I want. Instead of needing to make several command blocks for every area I want to put it in/or one huge line of code.

    Also, Fireworks might not make the server lag, but its 100% true that fireworks can cause a player to experience FPS Lag, or lag in general due to poor computers.

    Thanks for the Plugin, Endersnowguy.

    EDIT: @EnderSandman When I use snow-toggle, it will not toggle on or off. It just strictly "Snow-Toggle: OFF". Won't let me set it to true. Tried snow-toggle on/off/true/false etc.

    Also, is the region support automatic? How would we all go about making the snow appear in a region? The means to do so are somewhat vague, and wish to clarify ^.^

    Also, I typed: /snow and it said "X areas covered with snow, let it snow" What does this function do exactly, since its not in your /help menu

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  12. I will look into the toggle issue.

    You define regions in the config. Snow will spawn around players only when they are in coordinates and world defined by the regions. You need to set spawn_type: PLAYER_REGION to regions. I am working on an update to this where you
    specify World Guard regions to spawn snow and dont have to redefine the coordinates.

    /snow is not a command for this plugin. That command is part of World Edit. Do /snow-help for all commands in my plugin.
  13. I already set it for PLAYER_REGION in the Config. Maybe the reason I don't see it, is because the toggle doesn't work so I can't actually turn on the snow.

    Would there be a way to disable the toggle in Config? So I can know that people see the snow while in town/in the areas defined by WG Regions? I didn't see it in the config.
  14. You can remove your UUID from the disabled_list or reset the entire player data as below. Run /snow-reload after saving the config.

    disabled_list: []
  15. I just checked. This is my config file:

    Assuming the 'hub2' I have set is the exact name of the region's name I made?

    Shows my UUID is not disabled at all in the config.

    Unsure what the xyz2 is for. I set the xyz1(I think thats right...)
  16. 1

    You need to use xyz1 and xyz2 to define the corner points for the region that you want snow. This plugin is not updated yet to work with World Guard. That will be in the next update.
  17. You can just use the coordinates of the region in the plugins/WorldGuard/worlds/hub2/regions.yml file
  18. Oh. Well then. Its working now. xD This is amazing. lol It looks fantastic!
  19. Good. Glad it is working and you are pleased with it.