Solved Endgateway Exit location reverting to null

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  1. This is an odd one, but I am trying to mess around with end gateways, possibly making a way for players to randomly teleport around the world (basically a fancier way than just a command to randomly teleport them places). I am setting the portals exit location, and I have a test message set up to repeat back what the location is.

    Code (Java):
        Random r = new Random();

        public void onUse(PlayerInteractEvent event){
            Block block = event.getClickedBlock();
            if(block == null) return;
            if(event.getAction() != Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK) return;
            if(event.getItem() == null) return;
            if(event.getItem().getType() != Material.BOOK) return;
            Block clone = block.getLocation().clone().add(0, 1, 0).getBlock();
            if(clone.getType() == Material.AIR){
                if(clone.getState() instanceof EndGateway){
                    EndGateway gateway = (EndGateway) clone.getState();
                    if(r.nextInt(2) == 1){
                        gateway.setExitLocation(new Location(event.getPlayer().getWorld(), gateway.getX() + r.nextInt(15000), gateway.getY(), gateway.getZ() + r.nextInt(15000)));
                    } else {
                        gateway.setExitLocation(new Location(event.getPlayer().getWorld(), gateway.getX() + r.nextInt(15000) * -1, gateway.getY(), gateway.getZ() + r.nextInt(15000) * -1));
                    Bukkit.broadcastMessage("" + gateway.getExitLocation()); //Send a test message to the server to check the exit location
    However, the gateway does not teleport when walked through, and upon further testing with debug code, the exitlocation is somehow null event after the event above is run. So I am thinking getState()#update(); is not working like I think it should? Let me know!
  2. Maybe that's the reason?
  3. Unsure, because my test code does show a perfectly reasonable exit location, the world IS there...
  4. Really not sure, but try gateway.update() instead of clone.getState().update().
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  5. That worked! Thank you! I guess that makes sense really, I would have thought both methods did the same thing.