Endor - A StarforceMC Experience

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  1. Based in a secluded remote corner of the galaxy, the forest moon of Endor would of been easily overlooked by history were it not for the battle that occurred there. The bountiful, forest home of the Ewok species is the gravesite of Darth Vader and the Empire itself. It was here that the Rebel Alliance won its most crucial victory over the Galactic Empire.

    What still continues is the battle between the rebels and the galactic empire in the lush forest of Endor.

    The map was constructed by our amazing builders on our build team which took several hours of hard work to complete.

    If you are interested in the Starwars universe and want to be apart of the wonderful community surrounding the server you can visit our discord, twitter or our website.
  2. Just make 1 thread smh. This is a forum for other people not just your server map threads.
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