Spigot Enhanced AntiSpam 0.5

Stop Spamming. Forever.

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    Enhanced AntiSpam - Stop Spamming. Forever.

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  3. Hi again! I have been looking for a simple works-out-of-the-box anti-spam chat plugin, and I found out that you had created one. I have three questions for you:

    1. Is this plugin up-to-date for Minecraft v1.17?
    2. Can you add a description for how the plugin works?—I played around with it a bit, but I couldn't discern any exact mechanism(s).
    3. Would you consider making this plugin more extensive? I noticed that it let a lot of spam through, like:
    a. Character spam (e.g., ttttttttttttttttttttt)
    b. Sending multiple messages that are the same thing (t, t, t, t) all consecutive sent (msg 1, msg 2, msg 3, msg 4)
    c. How fast you can send messages, regardless of if they are the same - without being too stringent
    d. Blocking how fast people can join in the same instance or given timeframe to avoid bot attacks and/or lag
    e. Similarly, regulating how fast people can reconnect to avoid spam join messages or bot attacks
    f. Automatically kicking players after a certain threshold is broken.

    I realize that this is a lot, and it borders on probably becoming a paid plugin like ChatControl, but I noticed other plugins like NoCheat+ kicked players before Enhanced AntiSpam blocked it. Just some thoughts to consider—that's all. :)
  4. Haven't tested, kinda inactive with this plugin but working on it soon hopefully. (But yes, it should as far as I know)
    Will do that if I ever decide to revamp this.
    Will fix that if I ever push out a update for this, but there are a lot of antispam plugins.
    Noting that as well
    May add that as a config option if I ever update this plugin.

    Thank you for your feedback! You are the first person really helping me out... I focus on Staff Chat a lot, but I may work on this as well soon.
  5. No problem! I'm happy to help. I think you have a good plugin here that, if expanded, could be competitive. I'd enjoy seeing this updated. I don't do much coding, but if you need more suggestions, you know where to find me. ^^
  6. Ney, if you feel like letting me know if you will continue this in the near future, I would really appreciate it. I can' find any decent anti spam plugins, and if you could incorporate all of the above, or some at least, it would by FAR supersede most anti spam plugin.
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