Bungee - Bukkit EnhancedBungeeList 1.0.3

A high-configurable plugin that enhances the /glist command.

  1. Wirlie updated EnhancedBungeeList with a new update entry:

    Minor update to add some things like translatable strings, and caps for server names (configurable).

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  2. How about adding hovering over servers and it'll display the info that would be displayed by doing the command (like /glist factions)
  3. the uppercase doesnt work :p
  4. Also adding a special perm that would make them be listed under "staff online" when on of course.
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  5. Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you provide your configuration file? Please

    I agree with you, I'll try to add the features that you've suggested in next days.
  6. I tried to reset it doesnt work man :eek:
  7. Sorry for my late response... :(
    The uppercase feature is disabled by default, what do you mean with "reset it"?
  8. delete old config and made a new one gen
  9. Have you changed these settings to true in your configuration file? Do not forget to execute /ebl reload after that. :p
  10. Hello! Is there the possibility to blacklist certain players from the listing? like /vanish from essentials?

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