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  1. I'm having trouble with Enjin and BungeeCord, I've installed the EMPBungee plugin and validated my key, but when I try to do this with my servers (connected to the bungee proxy) it always says 'We were unable to validate the provided key' - I guess this is because my server is in offline mode which it needs to be to work with Bungee.

    Question: How can I get my offline servers to work with enjin?
  2. electronicboy

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    your server being in online/offline mode shouldn't matter, only consideration you need to make is ensuring that you have bungeecord mode enabled in spigot.yml so uuids are properly set, but that shouldn't matter for this stage.
    make sure that you have the correct key for the server that you're adding (e.g. they might block you from using a key generated for bungeecord inside spigot), otherwise, you'll have to speak to Enjin