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  1. Hello everyone,
    I just recently opened my new server. I have had one server in the past that did very well. We averaged around 90 players a day.

    With my newest server, for whatever reason I am having a bit of a struggle with player count. I opened it last Wednesday, we had 20 players on at once. I haven't ever paid for advertising, but I am currently thinking about doing so for the first time.

    I saw a promotion on enjin, the website host I am currently using. You can purchase a sponsored spot for $150. However, I am wondering if it is worth it. It guarantees traffic towards your server, however I am still unsure. Has anyone used this before?

    My server IP is: mcvilla.com
  2. It depends on your budget. How much are you willing to spend on advertising?
  3. Anything I have to.
  4. No No No. Go with youtubers! Dont oay enjin for some shit. Youtubers = best way to get players.
  5. I have thought about buying a sponsored spot on Enjin, but after doing research, it's not worth it because of traffic and after looking at the other sponsored servers they still have barely any people on. Try to looking for a Minecraft server website that supports Project Wonderful, pretty cheap advertising. Other than that your best bet is word or mouth, youtube, and social media.
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    I wouldn't waste your money, unless you have some big events to tie into when you are buying ad time in order to help retain players. Any youtube videos and ad space you buy will only get you temporary players that you will have a hard time retaining. I'd spend your time instead retaining what you have, staying consistent and not overloading with a bunch of randoms that may scare away your initial player base.

    Slow and steady works best, don't try to rush it :)