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Bukkit Bug Enormous Chunk Issue: Complete Hangup + No chat until all chunks loaded.

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by Zeraceee, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. [This happens whether spigot or bukkit latest build]

    This has to be an issue with spigot. I have tried removing all plugins but multiverse, and even tried swapping out multiverse with another multiworld plugin. Completely barebones.

    If I try to single handedly (No other players) teleport to a world, the whole entire server completely hangs up for 10-15 seconds as the chunks load. No one can chat, no one can execute commands. After all chunks in the area have loaded, the server continues.

    I am using Java 7 with a 1270v2, 32gb ram, 1GB/s line @ 30TB bandwidth, and 120gb SSD. There should be NO reason that this is my server.

    Here are example timings, looks to be no issues here:

    So it has to be spigot, barebones it still happens. This is a terrible bug that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. It is game breaking in many aspects.
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  2. Updated the thread with more information, it has to be spigot/bukkit.
  3. mikeprimm

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    Both Spigot and normal Bukkit? Have you reported to Bukkit team (since a problem with both, by default, means a Bukkit problem - just one we haven't fixed :) ) Please indicate the specific builds you tested ("latest" is always kind of imprecise).
  4. Spigot Build #584 Bukkit Build #2634

    Aikar is aware of it and may try to code a work around, apparently it is a generic 1.4 bug. Have not reported to bukkit team.
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